Beauty Bigbang Silver Chrome Flakies/Powder Demo & Review

Hello everyone!


Welcome to the blog. This is my last item to review for +Beautybigbang Nail  we have their Silver Chrome Powder.. though I like to call it as flakies because of its size. The package comes in a .2g of flakies inside and also comes with an eyeshadow applicator.

So to test it out I made pink and white smoosh design which I like to call,strawberries and cream. ๐Ÿ“


After that, I applies a top coat to blend in my smoosh and this is the time when it's best to applythe flakies while they're still quite sticky.  Since I am only doing a subtle application, I used a fan brush dipped just right to get enough flakies.

When you're happy with the design, seal it with a top coat and let dry for a few minutes. I did my best to take a shot outdoors so it's shine will be visible because an indoor shot just wouldn't give this wonderful flakies justice. 
(As shown on top.) 

It's best to use the flakies under a paper towel or any covered surface because they tend to go everywhere although they're much easier to clean up than normal nail art powders.

This flakies comes in Gold and Silver.

If you're interested in purchasing this product, kindly check out their website at


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๐Ÿ› Happy shopping!

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